Regenerative Soil Consulting
for home gardens or farms!

Learn the methods to grow with whole new perspective on plant and soil health! Regenerative soil is the combination of Chemistry, Biology, Mycology, Geology, Agronomy, Ecology, and a bit of Permaculture to see the bigger picture and how to build soil fertility. By combining all these science we can do more than sustainable but be actually regenerative! Meaning soil fertility will get better and better every year with less and less input! It all begins with soil health that leads to plant health that leads animal health and then our health.

Regenerative Soil can:
Improve soil fertility
Increase nutrient content in plants
Increase resistance to pests and disease
Increase water retention
Decrease leaching
Reduce labor
Reduce / eliminate need for tilling
Sequester more carbon from the atmosphere
Eliminate need for pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides
Create a soil food web for nutrient cycling
Reduce fertilizer
Increase yields
Increase taste of crops
Increase shelf life and appearance of crops
Improve animal health!
Improve our health!
Build and advance soil on your property!

I’m not a consultant that will try and tell you what to do with your land for no one knows your land better than you! My goal is to show you a whole new way of looking at soil and plant health. From all the different lenses of science and nature. If you want small change then change how you do things, if you want big change then change the way you see things! Giving you an understanding of how nature advances soil. As well as methods and actions with product that can be DIY or purchased to greatly increase that advancement.

Serving Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island
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$145 Home Garden – $195- Market Garden – $250+ Production Farm

What you get?
Onsite personal crash course in advancing soil and the biology that drives it.
Microscopic imagining of your soil biology and aggregation.
Brix measurement of plant leaf sugars to test plant health and pest resistance.
Translation and correlation of soil / water / plant sap test results you may have.
Advanced composting methods.
Recommendations on actions and products.
Learn how to DIY your own amendments! Using methods like KNF and JADAM.