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LW Scientific i4 Lumen This is the microscope I really want, next level scope with epifluorescence! (This link goes to LW’s website and I am not affiliated or get commission from this) If I had the money this is what I would buy!

Swift 380T Trinocular Microscope My current microscope that works well for basic bright field soil microscopy.

T-Mount Adapter for SONY DSLR with APS-C sensor Connect your Sony crop sensor DSLR to a Trinocular Microscope
T-Mount Adapter for CANON DSLR with APS-C sensor For CANON DSLR with crop sensor, EOS mount
T-Mount Adapter for NIKON DSLR with APS-C sensor For NIKON DSLR with crop sensor, F-mount

*if you have a full frame DSLR like I do, you need a very expensive adapter. I got mine custom to my camera from

18MP Microscope Camera from AmScope Lowest level camera I would recommend. Better than mounting a nice smartphone and much better than the 5MP microscope cameras. Produces a very nice image and comes with software for live viewing.

EM-1 Pro Microbe Inoculant Great for adding diversity to your bacteria. “Pro” version is made food safe and great for your gut as well your plants! Can also use in food ferments. Has more bacteria types than regular EM-1. A bottle goes a long way in the garden with “Activation” and “Extension” preps.

EM-1 Microbe Inoculant Less expensive version of EM-1 just for garden use. Also goes a long way with “Activation” and “Extension” preps.

Rootwise Microbe Complete A powder form of a microbial inoculant with some fungi! Was used to grow worlds largest pumpkin!

Potting Soil – Coast of Maine Coast of Maine has the best looking bagged soil I have seen with the Microscope!

Raised Bed Soil – Coast of Maine I mixed this with the lobster compost for my raised beds, as well as some biochar I made myself using EM-1.

Compost – Coast of Maine Compost with more fungi (nice 1:1 ratio roughly) than I have seen in any other bagged compost from the store!

Hori Hori knife – Barebones My favorite garden tool by far! Eliminate weeds quick with very little soil impact!

Super Handy Electric Wood Chipper Name just about says it all. I love this thing for the price and super handy for the garden. Makes nice small wood chips and great mulch. But if you want to make a big brush pile go away this is NOT the tool! Only can handle 1/2 inch sticks no fatter than your thumb.

ECOWITT Soil Moisture Meter with digital display Great tool for dialing in your watering. I like this one way more than other brand and types of sensors.

Air Pump for water aeration / compost extracts and teas This pump will handle aeration for 30 to 40 gallon trash bin really well. Can probably handle more.